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Sean Michael Trainer Spotlight Photo

Trainer Spotlight: Sean Michael
Area: Bergen and Passaic counties, NJ
Certifications: NASM Certified Trainer, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, NASM Golf Fitness Specialist, TPI Golf Certified

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring Sean Michael of Transformations by Sean Michael in the New Jersey Area.

Sean’s passion for health and wellness can be traced back to more than 15 years ago when he began personal training. He has remained committed to helping people reach their goals, so they can celebrate successes they never thought possible.

He feels inspired daily knowing he has the opportunity, and ability, to positively impact someone’s life. “When people start becoming the best versions of themselves their commitment to transform their life becomes stronger than ever.”

His workout philosophy is to build a fitness plan around making his clients everyday activities easier and barrier free. “I want people to be able to live their lives, play with their kids, do yard work, or carry in groceries.” Ultimately, his goal is to get people’s bodies strong enough that they don’t have to stop to think about their next activity, but instead move seamlessly through their day.

Sean takes his fitness philosophy on the road, as most of his sessions are done at his clients’ home gyms. His training starts with a personal assessment about current fitness levels and physical limitations, and then he maximizes time with clients completing circuit training using home workout equipment.

He is never intimidated by a home gym that may be limited in space or fitness equipment, as he is confident he can provide an efficient, total body workout anywhere. Of course there are benefits to training on treadmills, ellipticals and other types of home fitness equipment, he says, but the basics are my go-to.

Sean focuses on recruiting the entire body during workouts via good form, functional training and balance training. Combining “TRX straps, dumbbells, and stability balls” with outside the box thinking creates a total body training experience.

Even though every fitness journey is unique, he believes mastering the basics is essential for everyone. “My goal is to avoid injury at all cost, so it is imperative I make sure we are using good form before moving on to more challenging moves.”

Additionally, he feels the key to improving your body’s endurance and fitness levels is variety, and he feels strongly the best way to see results is to mix up your routines. “The best way to reach your goals is to incorporate different types of activities and fitness equipment, in new ways, that target the same muscles.”

Of course people choose to work with a personal trainer to get in shape and to live a healthier lifestyle, however, he feels his clients benefit beyond their physical results. His clients become empowered to make themselves a priority by carving out time for both their mental and physical well-being.

“People devalue their own time, but in order to motivate yourself mentally and physically, you need to prioritize yourself.”

Living in the areas of Bergen and Passaic Counties and want to work with Sean Michael? Visit or follow Transformed by Sean on Twitter @Fit4LifeCoach or like him on Facebook at /TransformationsBySeanMichael.

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