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TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Russ Childers | Paramount Performance & Rehab

At Gym Source, we celebrate the importance of personal trainers to better fitness. That’s why we regularly spotlights local trainers making a big impact on their clients’ well-being. This month, we’re delighted to feature Russ Childers of Paramount Performance and Rehab in Newton, MA. Meet Russ right now, and see how his approach to fitness keeps clients healthy.

GS:       What services does Paramount Performance (PPR) provide to clients?

Russ:    We provide all manner of physical therapy services, with a focus on orthopedics. We also offer comprehensive personal training, with a focus on body transformations and athletic performance.

GS:       What got you interested in fitness?

Russ:    I grew up in Norton, MA, and played sports all my life: football, hockey and baseball. Plus, I’ve been in the weight room since the age of 13. I’ll never forget my first day of training, when I was pinned with 135 lbs. on the bench!  I decided I never wanted to feel weak again, and I’ve been training ever since.

GS:       Why (and how) did you become a personal trainer?

Russ:    I became a personal trainer when I took my first course with Charles Poliquin (world-renowned strength coach and fitness guru to countless elite athletes) about 5 years ago. His courses were an eye-opener to me, and drove my passion to take my training knowledge beyond my own learning. My goal was to help my therapy clients go further—to help them take their fitness level far beyond just therapy discharge.

GS:       What do you love most about being a personal trainer?

Russ:    I love working with my clients and showing them how to achieve goals they previously thought unattainable.  I take it as a challenge when someone comes to me and says that they’ve worked with other trainers without success.  It’s awesome to see a person’s outlook change once they develop their physical and mental strength.

GS:       What’s your secret to motivating clients?

Russ:    I motivate my clients by leading by example.  Working hard in the weight room and adhering to the plan I am currently following shows that it can be done—even with a busy lifestyle. With PPR, I’ve tried to create an atmosphere where clients are inspired by the success of other clients. One thing we don’t do here is guilt or shame our clients. Sure, going off-plan happens—but it isn’t the end of the world. We encourage our clients to just hop back on.

GS:       What’s your favorite fitness equipment, and why?

Russ:    Two of my favorite pieces of equipment include a hamstring curl and a rack of barbells.  I love the hamstring curl because almost every client that comes in the door demonstrates a poor ratio of strength when comparing the posterior chain to the anterior chain. With a barbell and rack, well, the combination of exercises is endless. Front squats, back squats, pressing variations, chins and pulls—you can’t beat the versatility of these timeless compound exercises.

GS:       How has the fitness industry changed since you’ve become a trainer? 

Russ:    The biggest change I’ve seen since I began training is that more women are training for strength—I love that it’s finally “socially acceptable” for women to be in the weight room!

Could your fitness be improved by the PPR team? If so, visit Russ at Paramount Performance and Rehab, 244 Needham Street in Newton, MA, or contact the Paramount Fitness team here.

If you know a personal trainer who should be featured on this page, tell us on Facebook or share your feedback in a comment below. Thank you!

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