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Personal Trainer Spotlight

Trainer Spotlight: Petros Arzoumanidis, Workout Anywhere Inc.
Area: Woodbury, New York (and surrounding areas)
Experience: Personal Trainer, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA), CPR and AED certified. 

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring Petros Arzoumanidis, owner of Workout Anywhere Inc. in the Woodbury, NY area.

Petros has always had a passion for fitness and health, beginning his diverse career as a personal trainer at Equinox at the age of 18. His career has lead him to a variety of professional opportunities, including working with athletes at the University of Pennsylvania, but his commitment to make fitness accessible to everyone has remained steady.

“I focus on eliminating excuses. People will say they do not have enough time, it’s too expensive, inconvenient, or an injury is preventing them from working out. But, I eliminate those excuses,” he says.

How does he do it? Simple. He brings the gym to you.
“I train clients anywhere. Home gyms, offices, local parks – wherever! I can adapt to any environment!”

Personal Trainer Spotlight

Petros defines his approach to exercise as focusing on muscle symmetry, balance and functional training. His training starts with an initial health assessment to determine goals and get a baseline of his clients’ fitness levels. “I create customized strategies by understanding where my client is, and what they want to go.”

His clients’ needs range from weight loss, muscle gain, post-op and rehabilitation training, injury prevention, sport specific training, and more. So to ensure results, he has to determine the best individualized method for each of his clients.

Then, he determines the best way to utilize the available gym space available. Creativity is key here. “I model my routines around people’s goals and their environment.”

To start, he designates a space for exercise and then slowly builds that fitness area with fitness equipment and accessories. His advice for the best first step to designing your home gym is to determine your needs and limitations, assess your available space, and design around your workout preferences.

Petros believes it is important to find the type of exercise you prefer before committing to fitness equipment for your home gym. He suggests adding mats, cardio machines and strength equipment after you are able to workout with it and find your preference.

He suggests building a well-rounded home gym space by incorporating a good mix of versatile strength pieces, with cardio. “I love the TRX bands because they are lightweight, portable, and can be used everywhere. Bands and BOSU balls are also great for unconventional exercises and rehab training,” he says.

Petros believes Gym Source is a valuable resource to find the right fitness equipment for your home gym. “The quality of product is incomparable. There is no comparison. Just the other day I was showing a client the difference in quality of fitness equipment I bought from Gym Source versus a well-known online retailer.”

He suggests tapping into Gym Source’s expertise to help you decide on the best fitness equipment for your home gym. “I love that you can touch and feel equipment in store. I encourage my clients to visit Gym Source to discover their fitness equipment preference before committing to specific products for their home gym.”

Petros feels passionately that being active and working out is not just about losing weight. Believing short term goals are good motivators, but the focus should be on training for longevity in health.

“My ultimate goal is to empower people. I want my clients to understand how to exercise to support their goals and live a life of wellness,” he says.

In the Long Island area and interested in training with Petros? Visit Workout Anywhere Inc, email Petros at or check him out on Instagram here.

Need help finding the perfect home fitness equipment to reach your goals? Connect with one of our equipment experts at your local Gym Source fitness equipment store.

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