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Posted Apr 6, 2016 by Gym Source in Trainer Spotlight and tagged Noam Tamir, Tamir Systems Fitness, Trainer Spotlight, TS Fitness.

TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Noam Tamir | TS Fitness

At Gym Source, we appreciate the importance of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers making a big impact on their clients’ well-being. We’re proud to feature Noam Tamir of TS Fitness in New York City. His passion and unique fitness systems create a community where his clients can be “Together Stronger.”

GS: Tell us about your studio, TS Fitness.

Noam: At TS Fitness, we offer private, semi-private and group fitness classes. Our philosophy is all about the 4 F’s: Form, Function, Focus and Fun. We try to create an environment in which each of these 4 F’s can thrive because they’re all so essential to an effective fitness program. We’re also really proud of the community aspect of the studio. We have a total of 6 trainers and even group fitness classes max out at 8 people, so we’re a tight knit group who love to work out together and support each other to reach our goals.

GS:  How do you use programs and data to give your clients the best workouts and show the most progress?

Noam: TS Fitness stands for Tamir Systems Fitness. We’re extremely focused on systems that are expertly designed to give you the best workout and best results. Before anyone starts working out with us, we give them a full screen for proper movement as well as a strength assessment. From there, we create a fully-customized program for each client based on their goals, movements that work for them, and where there may be room for improvement. Each client’s individual program is available through iPads up on the walls of the studio so each time they come in, they can update what they worked on that day and see the improvement on a daily basis.

GS: What’s your favorite piece of equipment in your studio?

Noam: I love the Hoist 2-Pulley System. It was my first major purchase and Marty at Gym Source walked me through the whole process. It’s great because you can do so many functional and quick movements, plus strength and stability exercises.

GS: How did you get involved in fitness and training?

Noam: I spent my whole life being an athlete. I boxed in college and have done some half marathons and triathlons since then. I had a background in hotel hospitality but fitness was always my passion. I’ve been a fitness coach and trainer for 15 years now. I worked at some gyms in the past but I really wanted a more one-on-one, focused experience so I opened my first studio about 4 years ago.

GS: What do you think about the state of the fitness industry?

Noam: I think the fitness industry is in a really exciting place right now. Some people like to knock certain fads or trends, but the truth is if people are consistently moving and staying active, in whatever modality that works them, it’s great. Fortunately, there are so many options to keep people interested and motivated; everyone is bound to find something they love. I think it’s great that people are giving up fatty, expensive dinners with friends in favor of bonding over workout classes. It’s all about a community and finding where you belong so fitness becomes something you want to do, rather than something you have to do.

GS: What’s your motto when it comes to training?

Noam: As I said before, TS Fitness stands for Tamir Systems Fitness, but to me it stands for a few other things too. One thing that’s right up on the wall in my studio when you walk in is “Together Stronger”; alone you are strong, together we’re stronger. Another thing TS means to me is Train Smart. Any trainer can push you to your limits, but doing things the right way to get the best workouts, build strength and avoid injuries takes focus and training to do properly. We’re all about being Together Strong and Training Smart at TS Fitness.

TS Fitness is located at 328 E. 61st St., 4th Floor in New York City. Visit TS Fitness online for more information.

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