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TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Marisella Villano | Hampton Bays, NY

Marisella Villano is the brains behind at MARVILfit Cycling & Fitness of Hampton Bays, NY, a studio she opened in 2013 after years of building a dedicated clientele. An education heavyweight with a Bachelor’s degree in biology and her Master’s in gerontology, Marisella has hands-on experience and certification in spinning, personal training, and group fitness at MARVILfit—where she serves as proud owner, lead motivator and healthy living guru.

After 15 years as a certified personal trainer, certified spinning instructor and certified group exercise instructor, Marisella parlayed her background in science and psychology to develop the “MARVILfit philosophy,” the foundation of her studio.

“I incorporate and insist on ‘smart training’ in everything we do at MARVILfit. This means we listen to your body, do exercises in your body’s own natural range of motion, then progress from there,” Marisella explains. “Clients need proper form and strength to meet demands, not the other way around. We don’t do the latest-and-greatest fitness trends; instead, I encourage people to do what their body is capable of at the time.”

Marisella explains that smart training applies the principles of biomechanics and exercise science, allowing her to work with people of all abilities to achieve optimal results efficiently—all while avoiding injury.  “I always try to understand where my clients are in their own journeys, then address their needs based on their experience and physical conditioning.”

Health and Wellness: A Personal Journey

“You don’t need a lot of weight to train correctly, but you do need to know your clients: know what they can handle and how they handle it, then really focus on progression,” Marisella says. “My youngest client is 13, and the oldest is over 80 and doing modified burpees!”

It’s no surprise that Marisella is the go-to trainer for people who have injured themselves on their fitness journey. “It’s a good reputation to have!” she says. With the MARVILfit philosophy, Marisella proudly trains her clients back to health, and they exceed her every expectation with dedication and enthusiasm. Tara from East Quogue writes: “She has provided me with the right amount of motivation to push myself to not only reach my goals, but to go beyond my personal expectations.  I owe all this to Marisella, a dynamic trainer who provides you with everything you may need to get fit and healthy.”

Spinning is the foundation of MARVILfit, but when not on the bike, Marisella incorporates resistance bands, balls, and lightweight dumb bells from Gym Source.  She proudly refers her MARVILfit clients to Gym Source for high-quality equipment that lasts. “Gym Source consistently has the best equipment and the best advice.”

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