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Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Gym Source in Trainer Spotlight and tagged fitness accessories, Gym Source, personal trainer, sandbell, SPRI, Yoga.


At her own studio, Lyte Body Fitness, in Bronxville, New York, owner and personal trainer Lily Martin is transforming lives, and loves every minute of it. Lily provides the support, education, training, and emotional and physical space to allow clients to reveal their true selves—and to prove anything is possible.

“You can’t force people to change,” Lily said. “You need to not only teach physical fitness, but offer people the tools and space to discover themselves as well. Fitness is an evolving study in self-discovery.”

A Healing, Holistic, Connected Approach to Fitness

Lily is a constant student of fitness, holding a BA and Masters in Exercise Science, and also certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. In addition, she is Pre/Post Natal certified, First-Aid/CPR certified, and working towards certification in Mat Pilates, Gyrokinesis, and Anti-Gravity Yoga.

No pain, no gain is an outdated paradigm,” Lily said. Overloading one system and stressing muscles to exhaustion or injury is not the goal at Lyte Body Fitness. “I aim for a gentle, supportive approach that builds confidence, awareness and the power to release.” Lily’s mission is not to wear down joints and ligaments with repetitive, intense movements. Instead of being exhausted after training, Lily wants clients to leave energized, and does this through efficient use of energy throughout workouts.

“There are more systems involved than just musculature, yet too many trainers focus on that alone. I want to include all body systems, and not overload just one. We will get the workouts done, make no mistake about it, but we will do so in a constructive manner, working together to create space and energy to move and change.”

Lily knows everyone is busy and stressed and says being part of someone’s day for fitness is a gift and obligation. “I aim to bring focus back into their bodies, bring them into awareness. Exercise should make people feel good. Everyone is so exhausted today; my goal is for clients to leave my studio energized and rejuvenated and knowing anything is possible.”

Lily says the absolute best piece of exercise equipment available is your own body. That aside, 90% of Lyte Body Fitness studio equipment is purchased from Gym Source. She loves the lightweight equipment and training accessories at Gym Source that allow clients to assist, support, and manipulate their own bodies: yoga blocks, small sand bells, SPRI squish balls, and new braided SPRI resistance bands. “I send all my clients to Gym Source because of the equipment: it’s top quality and lasts forever. Now I’m in market for a weight set, so I’ll be visiting again soon!”

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