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Trainer Spotlight: Joe D’Angelo

As a personal trainer since 1997, and owner of NJ Personal Training, Joe D’Angelo is thrilled to offer his greater Bergen County clientele effective ways to stay fit. “I appreciate the struggle my clients endure for better health—I know it’s not easy, but with consistent effort, positive results will follow,” explains Joe.

What clients like most about Joe is ability to innovate. “I’m successful as a trainer because I’m always looking for ways to help my clients maintain their motivation,” he explains. “Whether it be the latest gadget or app, or signing up for a 5k, or just pushing past personal limits and setting new records—there are always new ways to keep people going.”

In college, Joe discovered the impact of exercise and a healthy diet, and became a trainer to help others enjoy the same success that he experienced. What Joe loves most about his work today is the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, from developing a young athlete’s endurance to play travel soccer, to helping a client regain stability and strength after knee replacement surgery, to preparing for major life events like weddings or competitions. “It’s rewarding,” says Joe, “to see clients reach success and achieve far beyond their original goals because of my training, motivation, and guidance.”

Joe’s favorite training tools? Medicine balls, and the TRX Suspension System. . “My clients love training outside when the weather is nice,” he explains. “It’s great to get out of the gym and break up the routine. The TRX especially helps you find muscles that you didn’t even know you had. I also love  Octane ellipticals for their calorie-crushing power, plus they’re gentle on your joints.”

Joe has an MA from New Jersey City University and a BS from Pace University. He’s a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer with credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.


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