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Jim Gallagher Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Jim Gallagher, Co-owner of Strength for Life
Area Servicing: Servicing the surrounding areas of Springfield, PA
Experience: Over 30 years in the business, Master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and Special Education, cardiac rehab specialist, exercise specialist, personal trainer, fitness director, wellness coordinator, director and COO in both the medical fitness and commercial fitness industries.

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring Jim Gallagher, Co-owner of Strength for Life, who feels it is important to take a comprehensive approach to create the most successful exercise programs.

The studio’s name says it all: “Strength for Life”
Jim, and his business partner Ed Winfield, focus their fitness programs on both physical and mental health to help their clients live their highest quality life possible.

“We feel it is important to develop strength in all aspects of your life,” Jim says. “We want our clients to develop physical, emotional, and intellectual strength to really improve their lives.”

His passion for empowering people to believe in themselves began while working in special education with developmentally disabled adults. “This experience taught me that early intervention was very beneficial to people. It guided my perspective. It taught me we need to work towards total wellness.”

So, how do they do it?
“First, we start with a consultation to understand any challenges or obstacles (physical, emotional, or intellectual) that have previously held you back in the past,” Jim says. “Only then do we move on to assessing your current fitness levels.”

Next, is a robust assessment to match clients with the right wellness program for their goals. “Our three part process covers posture, gait, movement patterns, muscle strength, and muscle endurance. We also feel it is important to cover dynamic warm-ups and proper form.”

“Before we add even the first weight, we design individual programs to empower each client to individually build a belief in themself. We feel it is the only way to make a lasting change in behavior,” he says.

Now comes the time to break a sweat. “Our exercise programs are crafted to create strong bodies that enable our clients to do anything they want in life, from getting off the floor pain free to beating personal records.”

Because the team focuses their workout programs on strength, functional conditioning, and movement patterns (such as squats and twists) they incorporate a variety of fitness tools into their training. “Kettlebells, dumbbells, and the TRX Training System to name a few. We want to teach our clients to use everything. Luckily, Gym Source acts as our partner here. We can find a wide variety of equipment, and accessories, in-store.”

Gym Source equipment expert, Brian Lange, who works with the Strength for Life team is always up to the task. “Jim and his team consistently look for new ways to challenge their clients, and I enjoy discovering new fitness equipment solutions to accomplish this.”

“We also place a high value on providing the tools needed to overcome previous obstacles. To do this, we offer a combination program comprised of exercise training and time with mental-health coaches. The program’s goal is to help clients work through negative past experiences or behaviors that sabotage progress. We want to empower people to learn through fitness training how to focus on the positive, to accomplish their goals.”

Yes, the foundation of Strength for Life’s fitness programs may be different than your average fitness facility, but their best tip to reach your goals is very conventional: consistency.

“You can modify and customize any workout program, however, unless you stay consistent with the work – you won’t see results,” he says.

Want to learn more? In the Springfield, PA area and Interested in sports conditioning, online fitness training, corporate wellness opportunities, personal training, or group training classes? Visit the Strength for Life website at or request a free consultation here.

Need help finding the right home fitness equipment solutions to reach your goals? Connect with one of our equipment experts at your local Gym Source fitness equipment store. Test, touch, and try a wide variety of fitness equipment in store to find what fits you.

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