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TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: David Garcia | Ossining, NY

David Garcia, founder of G.E.M. Fitness Systems in Ossining, NY, remembers precisely when inspiration struck to become a personal trainer: high school gym class. “There was a poster on the wall of Carla Dunlap, the bodybuilder. While my teacher took attendance, I read the poster and really connected with her story. I knew then that fitness was my future.”

He certainly hasn’t looked back. After a standout high school football career in the Bronx, followed by 28 years helping people reach their goals at noted fitness facilities in and around New York City, David opened his own fitness studio—Generating Energy through Movement (G.E.M.)—in Westchester County.

“G.E.M. Fitness is my vision of training brought to life,” explains David, whose certifications include NSCA-CPT, AFAA Kickboxing and Spartan SGX, among others. “It’s about understanding each client’s goals, and breaking down every barrier to their success. Oh, you’re traveling? Here are my YouTube training videos to use on the road. Oh, you’re too busy? I teach 43 cardio-and-strength training classes each week, so one is bound to fit your schedule.”

His clients couldn’t be happier—or in better shape. “Nothing beats my workout sessions with David Garcia,” writes client Kami Wright. “No workout is ever the same, and he’s constantly striving to learn new moves to strengthen us even more and push us to the next limit. His motivation and support got me through The Spartan Race, and that’s an achievement I never thought possible.”

Diane Fishman, another loyal G.E.M. client, appreciates how David’s dedication extends beyond his fitness studio. “Workouts end with stretching; sometimes meditation,” she writes. “And then comes the email later in the day, reminding you about your eating, about your goals, about discipline, about staying the course. And tomorrow begins with the same energy, and the same love.”

The key to his success, says David, comes down to a single concept: Flexibility. “Giving my clients the flexibility to succeed—by combining strength and cardio in every class, by providing tools to use outside the studio, by driving home the importance of consistency—that’s what keeps them on top.”

“I tell them: I’ll give you the flexibility to succeed. All I ask is that you give me the part that counts—your 100% effort from within that makes it happen.”

David stocks G.E.M. with his favorite accessories, especially dumbbells and jump ropes. While his studio doesn’t contain heavy cardio machines, his favorite piece to recommend to clients is the Cybex Arc Trainer. “I love the mechanics of the Arc,” he explains. “It’s a machine that promotes ideal body alignment and hits all the muscle groups exactly right.”

David’s favorite place to find Cybex equipment and other fitness accessories? Gym Source. “I’m always excited by the selection of equipment at Gym Source,” says David, who regularly stops by Gym Source in White Plains, NY. “I really appreciate the service there. I can send my clients to Gym Source knowing they’ll be taken care of. Nobody will try to sell them something they don’t want or need. They have great information and they’re always there to help.”

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