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Trainer Spotlight: Chris Bell | Haddonfield, NJ

Take it from his “Tribe”—Chris Bell rocks! Today, our Trainer Spotlight series continues with perennial Gym Source favorite Christopher Bell, a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, owner of Bell’s Bodies in Haddonfield, NJ, and First Runner Up in the 2013 Gym Source ‘My Trainer Rocks’ video contest.

As a 13-year fitness industry veteran, Chris Bell is no stranger to motivational fitness and fanatically loyal clients. Rosemary Coleman, a Bell’s Body client looking to get back in shape for field hockey last fall (at 52 years old—way to go, Rosemary!) has total praise for her fitness mentor: “Thanks to Chris, I am much stronger than I have ever been and I’m running 2.6 miles a day (there was no running before)… When you train with Chris, you become part of the community that is Bell’s Bodies (aka “the Tribe”). Even better, Chris believes in giving back to the community as a whole and gives more time and energy to more charities than anyone I know.”

Chris considered becoming a personal trainer when he was 20 years old, but chose a different path—until he turned 30, and decided that he wanted to do what he loved for a living. He got his certification and worked as a floor trainer at a big-named gym. Then 5 years ago, he opened his own fitness studio. “I can honestly say that I haven’t worked a single day since I started my training career,” he says. “It is not a job when you are fulfilling your purpose. I was born to inspire, to motivate, to help people change, and to push them out of their comfort zones.”

Chris’ clients rave about his life-transforming training technique. Exclaims happy client Lisa Linslata in a recent message to Gym Source via Facebook: “We are a TRIBE of SMOKIN’ HOT bodies… I’m glad I have my standing appointments!”

Chris loves the people, the action, the music, the body work and the sweat! He explains: “I love the fact that I get to wear sneakers every day to work and not a suit and tie. I love that I get to lead people and send them past their thresholds… pull out their inner athletes (and make them sweat puddles)! I push them beyond belief… and then they pay me and say Thank you. That fact is so humbling and still unbelievable to me.”

One of Chris’ favorite machines is the Hoist PTS (personal training system). The Hoist PTS is the most multifunctional piece of equipment in his studio. Chris explains: “Just a few weeks ago we had three trainers with their clients working on this machine at one time, and we could’ve fit two more exercisers comfortably!”  One trainer was using a battle rope fastened to one end of the machine. Another trainer was using one of the front weight stacks for tricep push-downs and Chris was on the flat bench with his client. Chris has also attached a TRX suspension trainer to the pull up bar; he uses this with almost every client. Chris is so impressed with the versatility of the Hoist PTS he said “If I ONLY had this one machine in my studio, I could still run my business very effectively!”

Chris loves the times in his studio when he has a few trainers working in the trenches and the clients are totally into it. The music is on-point and the sounds of weights clanging and people grunting are in the background. You can feel the positive vibes and great energy flowing throughout the studio. Everyone is smiling, laughing, joking, and working hard. Chris says: “I always pause and reflect for a moment when this happens. It’s my favorite thing!”

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