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Personal Trainer Spotlight

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Audrey Hasse owner of A.M.Fit

Area Servicing: Servicing the Philadelphia area.

Experience: Audrey is a registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer with a master’s degree in sports nutrition and exercise science.

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring Audrey Hasse, owner of A.M.Fit. Audrey’s approach is concise, “eat real food, exercise hard, and develop the skills and tools to live your healthiest life.”

Audrey’s passionate about creating individualized fitness and nutrition plans for her clients. In fact, her mom is a personal trainer, which sparked her interest in the industry over a decade ago.

“We grew up eating healthy food and exercising, it was a way of life for my family. I loved watching my mom help people become healthy. It was a natural progression from being raised in that environment to making a career out of it.”

Audrey’s philosophy on eating healthy is simple: “eat real food.” A balanced meal would incorporate protein, lots of veggies, high fiber carbohydrates and healthy fats. Fad diets aren’t the answer.

A sustainable, healthy lifestyle should not be a chore; it’s a way of life and consists of good food you enjoy eating. Audrey encourages her client’s eating habits throughout the week using an online platform called Healthie, a HIPAA compliant exercise and food tracker, created specifically for dietitians and nutritional care.

However, she acknowledges the importance of balance and indulging every now and then. “Make your indulgences worth it though,” she laughed. “If you’re going to have pizza, get it once in a while from your favorite place and really enjoy a slice or two, but have a big green salad on the side.”

When asked if she had any tips for people looking to get into healthier eating and a more active lifestyle she stated:

“Just get started. That’s the hardest part. Take the first step, even if that is simply looking up the phone number of a local trainer and scheduling a consult.”

She concluded by stressing optimal health looks different for everybody, but it should contain both healthy eating and being active. What works for one person, might not work for someone else. “Work towards living your healthiest life, whatever that might be for you,” is her motto.

In the greater Philadelphia area and interested in working with Audrey? Visit her website or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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