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Trainer Spotlight -- Andrea Kalan

For Andrea Kalan, personal trainer and owner of Fit For Life studio in Bryn Mawr, PA, becoming a fitness trainer was a family affair.  Having always led a healthy lifestyle and exercised non-stop (she’s a self-proclaimed “gym rat”), she earned her personal training certification from NPTI after getting encouragement from her husband and kids—who thought personal training would be a perfect fit, considering Andrea’s love for fitness and her bubbly personality. “Boy, they were right,” affirms Andrea. “I love what I do!”

Not only can Andrea’s success can be attributed to her positive outlook—it also comes from loyal clients who appreciate her motivational style. “There’s nothing more exciting than watching the progression a beginner makes,” She explains, “and hearing how their aches and pains go away, how their clothes are fitting better, or how moving around is easier. I recently had a client tell me how it was a chore to come in the beginning because she hated to exercise. But now she looks forward to our workouts and loves the results!”

Andrea earned her degree as a personal trainer with a basic nutrition certification, graduating at the top of her class. The hallmarks of her training philosophy can be summed up in three words: surprise, delight and perseverance.

“I try to get my clients excited about their workouts,” says Andrea. “And I never do the same workout twice, so my clients never know what’s coming (and neither do their bodies). I try to teach them that exercise and eating properly should be a part of their life and that there is no quick fix. Everyone hits bumps along the way and that’s okay. Slow and steady wins the race.”

Andrea’s studio is filled with all the latest fitness accessories, including free weights, an agility ladder, battling ropes, medicine balls, physio balls, kettlebells, and gliders. “I have USA Sports kettlebells, a Hyperwear sandbell and an All Pro adjustable ankle weight, and I use them all regularly,” explains Andrea. “One of my favorite things to do is to mix up a few resistance exercises followed by some kind of metabolic work, like battling ropes, medicine ball slams, or burpees.  Not only do these exercises get my clients’ heart rates up, but they also work the entire body—especially the core.”

No matter if her clients want to lose body fat, get ready for a wedding, or improve their overall health, Andrea is committed to teaching them how to lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of both fitness & nutrition.


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