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Traditional vs. Functional Strength Trainers

Functional fitness continues to be a buzzword of the industry and for good reason, but is there still a place for traditional strength trainers? The short answer is yes.

Wondering which is the better choice?

There is no overall better choice when it comes to fitness equipment. There is just the better choice for you, your fitness goals and the space you have available. Our equipment experts unanimously agree that the best piece of strength equipment is the one you’re going to use.

So, lets start by unpacking the difference between traditional and functional strength trainers.

Traditional Strength Trainers

By definition traditional strength trainers build one muscle group at a time. Think circuit training or power lifting. Some of the most popular traditional strength training machines includes the seated leg press, leg extension, chest press, lat pull down and cable bicep or tricep bars. Often times at the gym you’d do a rotation of these pieces of equipment. But which would make the most sense for a home gym? It depends.

If you recently suffered an injury and are trying to rebuild your arm strength then the Hoist ROC-IT Bicep Curl would be a great choice. Or perhaps you are working to prevent a running injury and build up hamstring and quad strength, then the HOIST Fitness Freestanding Ride Leg Press might be the right choice.

Simply put, if there is one specific muscle group that you’ve targeted as your primary focus this would be a good indicator to explore a traditional strength trainer.

Functional Strength Trainers

However, if you plan to work various muscle groups or a variety of fitness users plan to use the home gym space a functional fitness trainer would be the more efficient choice.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) defines functional strength training as “performing work against resistance in such a manner that the improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of movements so that an individual’s activities of daily living are easier to perform.”

Whether daily life looks like training for a marathon or playing with your kids, functional fitness is functional fitness. Don’t be fooled into thinking an all inclusive functional trainer is just for the dad training for the next iron man, its for the dad wanting to play soccer in the front yard and not pay for it the next morning too!

If you’re thinking sign me up, Gym Source offers a variety of functional strength trainers we’ve briefly outlined the differences below.

Hoist Mi7Smith Functional Training System

Looking to workout with a buddy? The Hoist Mi7Smith Functional Training System allows two users to workout at once. One side of the Mi7Smith produces a simultaneous vertical and horizontal bar motion, which provides the benefits of free weight training with added safety and stability. The other side of the Functional Training System features dual Silent Steel weight stacks with 360-degree rotating columns for complete range of motion. Plus, the Hoist Strength App allows you to tap into 1,200 strength training exercises allowing you to really learn how to utilize your strength trainer.

Tuff Stuff Corner Multi Functional Cross Trainer

Have the perfect corner for a functional trainer? TuffStuff’s CXT-200 Corner Multi-Functional Cross Trainer is a great space saver. Incredibly compact, it boasts optimum space efficiency having been designed to fit into a corner. A patented built-in weight resistance conversion (WRC) device converts the resistance to full or half of the selected weight on the fixed lat and low row stations of the machine.

Cybex Bravo

Love your Arc Trainer and looking for the Cybex strength companion? The Cybex Bravo Functional Trainer features a revolutionary cable adjustment system, allowing you to customize each exercise in terms of height, weight, and function. Use it for resistance training, endurance exercises, or rehabilitation.

Now that the wheels are turning our local Gym Source equipment experts would love to show you some of the before mentioned in our showroom where you can try them out! They’ll review your fitness goals, who will be utilizing the equipment and what space you have available before suggesting which strength piece they’d find most appropriate.

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