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Top 5 Fitness Travel Tips

More than any other time of year, summer is the season for travel. We pack up the family and head to the beach for a week, we visit relatives for the weekend, and we hit the road for business. Sadly, constant travel doesn’t always bode well for fitness—regardless of the reason or season.

Check out these 5 ideas for staying in shape while hitting the road:

>>For upper body fitness, keep some Hampton Jelly Bells in your travel case. They don’t take up much space, but are great for toning biceps, triceps, deltoids, and more.

>>Try some TRX! TRX Fitness solutions are specifically designed for easy transport for a superb cardio, strength training, and flexibility workout anywhere you go. (The TRX Home Suspension Training Kit comes with a door anchor for easy exercising at home or at the hotel!)

>>Build muscle and lessen stress by practicing yoga or pilates. Download your favorite workout from your mobile device, and be ready for action with yoga mats, yoga blocks, resistance bands and all your favorite fitness accessories from Gym Source.

>>Pack a foam roller. Lightweight and versatile, foam rollers are a favorite among runners and endurance athletes of all levels. Stop by Gym Source to pick up yours, and then check out YouTube for a wealth of how-to videos.

>>Wear an activity tracker, such as the Polar Loop. You’d be amazed how many calories you’re already burning by lugging that luggage through the airport! Track your performance and fitness results from anywhere with the hottest wearable fitness technology.

With a little ingenuity—and some help from Gym Source—it’s easy to keep up with your fitness routine when the road beckons. Stop by Gym Source today, and then bon voyage!

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