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Top Mistakes Project Managers Make on Gym Installs

Top Mistakes Made on Commercial Gym Install

Designing and building a new commercial gym requires attention to so many details that it can become overwhelming to even the most experienced Project Managers. Gym Source has been in the business of building and consulting on commercial gyms for over 35 years so we’ve seen it all.

The importance of having the right fitness equipment in a gym design is obvious, but our gym design experience has taught us that most people forget to think about the ancillary details. View our ‘Top 10 Mistakes Project Managers Make on Gym Installs’ video to learn moreRead our tips below to design the best fitness facility for you:

(1) How to find the right fitness space for a residential gym

One of the most important things to consider in a residential fitness facility is the location of your gym. Remember, there is going to be a lot of movement in these areas. People running on treadmills and moving free weights up and down, so you want to be sure the location you choose won’t impact the residents living nearby.

For example, you don’t want to place the gym on a floor where people will be living beneath it. At Gym Source, we make sure to guide our clients to put the right fitness equipment, in the right location, with the best sound absorption materials (if needed).

(2) How to determine the right power supply for your gym

One elements of the gym design that people often overlook is the need for specialized power to run the cardio fitness equipment. Gym Source consults with your electrician to make sure the right power is supplied for your facility.

(3) How demographics impact your gym design and equipment selection

Demographics play a key role in your choice of equipment for your fitness facility.

For example, if you are a school or university typically your demographic skews younger. Which means technology and entertainment features could be a high level of importance for your gym. Therefore, fitness equipment that connects with tablets, phones and/or online is ideal. In contrast, the equipment needs to be accessible and easy to use for an older demographic. 

(4) The importance of flooring when designing a gym

You want to be sure you are supplying the correct gym floor for the different workout areas. For example, you should consider if you need thicker flooring in your free weight area, but not so much in the cardio zones.

(5) Service

Gym Source prides itself on our high level of service, and we are your partner from purchase to service.Your treadmills are run on consistently, and have many moving (and wearing parts) that need to be maintained and potentially repaired. Your gym design strategy should include a proactive approach to the best way to service your fitness equipment.

When beginning the design process everyone remembers to consider the equipment. But, our experience has taught us that the little things, like fitness accessories or the best way to keep fitness equipment clean and sanitary, are often overlooked. Our tips will help any project manager build a great fitness center. Our experience will help you design the best facility for your members.

Download our white paperTop 10 Mistakes Project Managers Make on Gym Installs for a handy checklist to keep on-hand during your next planning meeting.

Want to learn more? Connect with a Gym Source equipment expert to discuss your gym design needs. Interested in advice and guidance for building a commercial gym space?

Connect with our commercial sales rep team to discuss how we can consult with your design and construction teams to execute a highly functional fitness facility.

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