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Tips to maximize fall workouts

Seasonal change offers a natural opportunity to re-evaluate your fitness routine, and an opportunity to view the changing weather patterns as a fun way to revisit (and revamp) your current workout routines.

We polled our local equipment experts and VIP personal trainers to create the ultimate fitness guide to help you maximize your fall fitness transition. 

Changing schedules and holiday fun requires some intentionality to stay on track, because with seasonal changes comes likely disruptions to your current routine. Equipment expert James Bond at the Columbia Gym Source suggests answering these critical questions to ensure your workouts can adapt with the changing season.

– What time do I need to find or plan for to minimize the disruption?
– What plan adjustments might I need to make to keep me on track with my desired results?
– What tools or products do I need to make adjustments to my current exercise plan?
– What else do I need to consider to make sure my routine disruption doesn’t become a break in routine?

Below are additional tips to help you evaluate your personal fitness journey, and goals, to ensure your routines are set-up to support your success.

Time to get started.

Our personal trainer partners at GYMGUYZ – a mobile training studio that brings the workout to you – shares their top tips for those with school aged kids to rock the school year, while keeping your fitness routine a priority.

Create a Schedule: Pencil it in! As you would, with any important date or appointment, schedule your workouts at a time that you won’t be less likely to cancel on yourself or tempted to skip it altogether.

Make the Most of Your Time: Minimal time, maximal investment! Swap out time for intensity. You don’t need hours in a gym to get results. In fact, you can achieve dramatic results in a relative short amount of time when you combine interval training, strength training and core conditioning.

Don’t know how? Invest in a personal trainer to customize a program that’s safe and progressive. Get started with our ultimate guide to choosing a personal trainer.

Break it Up: Even carving out 10-15 minutes at a pop can be effective. Drop the kids at school and budget an extra 15 minutes into your morning routine for a quick walk in the hilly section of town. Lunch n’ lunge? It doesn’t take long to bang out a set of squats or lunges on a lunch hour.

Use Body Weight: You don’t need fancy equipment to tighten and tone. Your best tool is you! Integrating squats, push-ups, chair dips, lunges, calf raises and planks will give you a simple and quick head to toe workout…no equipment, no excuses!

Buddy Up: Find a workout buddy or buddies! You’re colleague, your best mom-friend, your sister? Workout buddies imply a commitment to one another to support, motivate and hold accountable. The comradery of a group can add a component of fun and socialization to your workouts that will be more likely to keep you engaged and on track.

Transition your fitness routine outdoors:

In some parts of the country we recognize fall is the ultimate time to take your workout outside to enjoy the cooler temperatures and changing foliage. There are lots of ways to enjoy, and maximize, your outdoor workouts.

– Invest in a new pair of sneakers or climate appropriate workout clothes.

– Utilize a fitness tracker or app to track your progress. Indoor cardio machines help you do that, you don’t want to stop tracking your progress just because you’ve hit the streets.

– Gym Source VIP trainer, Sean Kehoe, suggests, “engaging in body weight exercises like planks, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, step-ups and any core/balance movements and all their variations.” You can do this anywhere!

While equipment expert at our local Sarasota Gym Source, Chris Cesare, suggests incorporating some new accessories:

“Often times people only think of cardio as being something they’d do outdoors and while we love a good hike or bike don’t overlook the opportunity to bring your strength routine outdoors too. Pick up a TRX Suspension Trainer, jump rope, sand bells, resistance bands or plyobox and workout in the yard or a local park.”

Transition your fitness routine indoors:

As the clocks fall behind and daylight becomes less available before or after work, some people find it necessary to bring their workouts indoors. Or maybe you live in an area that is cooler or rainier during the fall months, but don’t let the weather turn you off from your routine, bring it inside!

Below are some of the best indoor home fitness equipment to get an effective workout;

– Keith Och at the West Palm Beach Gym Source shares, “For cardio in the cooler months, I would highly recommend the Precor EFX 425 Elliptical. The incline on this elliptical replicates running up hills without the impact. You can vary the incline from 1% to 20%. For your novice user, 1-10% will be plenty – for your more advance user – up to 20% will be the goal. This is a low impact machine with no stress on the joints. It caters to all fitness levels.”

– Enrique Bermudez at the Miami Gym Source, loves the Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer. “It’s the perfect machine to spice up your fall workout. With limitless positioning of the leverage arms/pulleys and with a maximum cable travel of 13’14”, the Mi5 opens itself up to the users creativeness and variety of exercises you can perform. Out of the norm exercises such as bear crawls, lateral movement and running in place or add some traverse wood chops performed with the dual attachment bar.”

For athletes gearing up to start fall sports:

– Familiarize yourself with the best workouts to improve your athletic performance.

– Take baseline measurements that reflect your speed, agility, jump capabilities, strength, endurance and power to help track your progress throughout the season.

– Evaluate risk factors for and overall “readiness” to train.

– Ensure your training program focuses on general conditioning including the fundamentals of strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and stability. Performance enhancement and injury prevention are critical factors in effective pre-season programming.

– As you move closer to opening day competition, integrates sport specific skills, team play, tactical planning and strategy into your routine.

– Layer in total body strength training and core stability exercises using body weight or inexpensive tubing or resistance bands. Add a creative edge to your program with speed, quickness and agility drills using cones, agility ladders, rings and simple obstacle courses.

– Don’t overlook stretching. But, really don’t overlook stretching.

Need additional help staying committed, or starting, a fall fitness routine? We have you covered.

If you find yourself needing a trainer to help guide you through this process we have a list of vetted, local, VIP trainers. Reach out to your local Gym Source showroom for a referral.

If you find yourself wanting to add or update your home gym equipment or accessories, contact your local fitness equipment experts.

We look forward to coming alongside you as you fall, or better yet intentionally jump, into a new routine this season!

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