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Those Hips Don’t Lie: How the LateralX Builds Hip Strength

If you’re concerned about building and maintaining hip strength, nothing beats the Octane LateralX. In fact, it’s the perfect cardio machine for anyone who wants to keep his or her hips from aging. As we age, our hip muscles literally atrophy from years of linear use—moving only front to back. Without working our hips side to side, or laterally, mobility declines and can result in serious injuries. The LateralX changes that by building hip strength and extending mobility.

Hip injuries are especially common among older adults. In fact, one third of senior citizens (adults over the age of 65) fall each year, which often causes hip fractures. Perhaps what is most striking about this statistic is that fewer than half of them bring up the issue to their healthcare providers! Even if you don’t suffer an injury as serious as a hip fracture, it’s important to speak with medical professionals about what you can do to protect yourself from harm – and this includes fitness professionals and trainers at the gym! A whopping 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls, so it’s imperative that older adults do what they can to strengthen their hips, promote bone density, and build muscle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report a number of statistics related to falls and hip injuries, some of which are quite the wakeup call!

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This is where the LateralX can help. With just a few simple motions a few days a week you may be saving yourself from a significant injury. What’s more, the LatX is perfect for athletes for whom hip strength is a competitive advantage, such as skiers, tennis players, skaters, golfers, and hockey players. Although we often neglect our hips, we no longer have an excuse! Order an Octane LateralX for your health club or home gym and embrace injury prevention and hip wellness today!

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