Posted Oct 17, 2013 by Gym Source in Stationary Bikes and tagged expresso bike.

This Halloween, be a ‘Ghost-Buster’ with Expresso!

The Expresso Virtual Reality Bike from Interactive Fitness sets new challenges with its electrifying ghost ride feature. You can send ghost challenges to friends, or you can challenge your own best time and be a ghost buster! When you log into the machine, your bike automatically saves the results of your rides, then uses this data to set up a ghost rider for you to beat.

When you start the challenge, you’ll see a realistic track on your console screen, and you’ll see yourself moving along the virtual track at the rate at which you pedal your Expresso. You’ll also see a ghostly shape cycling at your best previous time, challenging your every move, and prompting you to cycle more strongly to beat (and bust!) the ghost rider. It’s a spook-tacular feature that’s sure to help you reach your goals.

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