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Things to Consider When Buying a Treadmill

Ever feel overwhelmed by the list of descriptors accompanying high-tech treadmills? One word that frequently trips up customers is “horsepower.” Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers make statements that “don’t exactly reflect the reality” as Vlad Shindelman, Director of Services for Gym Source explains in this video, because they are trying to market and generate buzz around their products. This situation can happen regarding a lot of treadmill features, and horsepower is one of them.

For example, two vastly different motors of very different sizes might both have a 6 horsepower label on them. To anyone outside the fitness industry, this won’t make sense—until you take a deeper look. (In fact, take a look at a powerful 5 HP treadmill from Cybex, or the record-breaking Boston Marathon GSX treadmill exclusive to Gym Source.)

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a treadmill is that it’s not just about the motor – it’s about the whole drive system. The motor essentially listens to the commands that come from the other components, so the better the drive system, the better the treadmill is. The term “drive system” refers to the power supply, which supplies the motor with the power, and the computer, which measures your speed. Vlad explains that “a combination of all these factors makes the difference.”

Vlad also shares a tip about how to tell a good system from a bad one. When users step on the belt, if they feel the hesitation – the machine slowing down – that’s no good. On powerful systems, users can step on the belt and it won’t slow down at all. Listen to Vlad drop more knowledge about treadmills here: Vlad and Treadmill Considerations. Then, see all the treadmills Gym Source has to offer.

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