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The V-Express Gym from Hoist

The versatile V-Express Gym from Hoist is, quite simply, outstanding. Not only are its compact footprint and multifaceted design perfectly suited for total body training in tight spaces—but it also offers tremendous value for the dollar.

With a litany of features—including a unique articulating press arm that allows movement in flat and incline positions, an adjustable back pad that gives optimum support, and extra-wide groove pulleys for a greater range for exercise, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home gym that gives you more for the money. Plus, the integrated accessory rack lets you store whatever V-Express accessories help you reach your goals—like strap handles, padded ankle straps, a chain that helps you adjust the machine by user height.

All that said, however, my favorite part about the V-Express home gym is that it’s easy to use. Hoist makes it even easier by including a comprehensive guide chock-full of workout routines and helpful hints.

I’m not the only one raving about this cutting-edge fitness machine. Reviews in industry publications show that others in the know are just as impressed., which awarded Hoist several FIT PROF Head of the Class awards, likes that the V-Express Gym combines strength with innovation. Fabio Comana, director of Continuing Education at SASM, likes that the V-Express has “numerous biomechanical and physiological advantages” that most exercise machines lack.

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