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The Top Fitness Trends for 2015

Looking for the hottest fitness trends in 2015? We’ve got you covered. From the 4-1-1 on extreme fitness to the latest fitness technology, read on to see where fitness is headed this year and beyond.

EXTREME FITNESS: The Growth of Getting Down-and-Dirty

From Tough Mudder to the Spartan Challenge, fitness is taking a more extreme and rugged approach than ever before. These popular—and growing—obstacle-based courses require a blend of fitness skills for competitive success, including balance, core strength and all-body endurance. Far from your typical 5K, adventure races force you to traverse rough terrain, run through mud, climb steep hills and navigate all manner of obstacles (depending on how hard-core you go).

The fitness industry has enthusiastically responded to the training demands of extreme fitness. Take Octane and its new Zero Runner, which provides year-round indoor training with a real-road feel—all while protecting your joints from impact. With the Zero Runner, now you can train harder and longer for peak performance on any terrain.


Forget about bringing your notebook along to every workout. The fitness industry in 2015 is focused on convenient, user-friendly equipment. Customizable consoles from manufacturers like TRUE and Octane, let you mix-and-match the cardio technology you desire with the console that best meets your needs. Now more than ever, customize your workout, track your progress, and download your metrics to your mobile device—and take advantage of an incredible array of entertainment options—like never before.


Is there anything our mobile devices can’t do? Not when it comes to fitness. More and more fitness manufacturers are designing cardio machines that use a mobile device—typically a tablet—as the fitness console itself. The entire FreeMotion GSX line of treadmills, for example, come complete with a 7” Android-compatible tablet that doubles as the machine’s console. Download exclusive workout and entertainment programs, track your results, and then take it with you wherever you go.

What’s more, machines like the Cybex 525 Arc Trainer let you utilize your own tablet. Using your iPad® for example, you can download and access Cybex’s entire library of workout programs, track your progress and share your results—all while on the go.

BETTER BIOMECHANICS: Sport-Specific Accessories that Work

In today’s era of sport-specific training, more and more athletes are designing fitness equipment that better mimics real-world body movement for better training and performance. Two such tools include the DISQ—developed by Olympic speedskaters for biomechanically correct resistance training—and the Modern Movement Roll Board. Allowing for an even greater range of motion for core-strengthening exercises, the Roll Board takes your body even further with better biomechanics in mind.

Ready to see some of these top fitness trends for yourself? Get to Gym Source, and our friendly team of associates will help you start the year off right in no time.

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