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The Skinny on Summer Indoor Cycling

Summer is the perfect time for burning calories on your bike as you take in the great outdoors. But on days when rain and heat make cycling uncomfortable (or even dangerous), get your bike fix inside with today’s hottest workout: indoor cycling.

Adding an indoor cycle to your home fitness studio isn’t just a great value—it’s the ultimate workout convenience. Indoor cycle bikes are among the most versatile cardio machines on the market, giving you variety and muscle activation for a totally effective (and fun!) fitness routine.

Here are a few of our favorite indoor cycle bikes:

  1. REVMASTER PRO Training Bike from Lemond Powered by Hoist: With practically limitless seat and handlebar adjustability, this indoor cycle bike is among the most comfortable available. Plus, choose your resistance to mimic outdoor conditions. Specially made to resist corrosion from sweat, this bike handles high-impact workouts for years of intensive use.
  2. The ProForm Tour De France Pro 4.0: This innovative indoor cycle bike stands out for its intelligence, with embedded iFit technology that delivers a high-definition street view of any preselected course you choose using Google Maps. Those hills come to life with the bike’s 20% incline and decline, silent magnetic resistance and a built-in power meter to easily track your performance over a variety of metrics.
  3. Schwinn Carbon Blue from Schwinn Fitness Equipment: This celebrated indoor cycle gives you Carbon Drive, a belt reinforced with carbon fiber that improves performance and provides superior durability for long-lasting, low-maintenance enjoyment. What’s more, the Carbon Blue sets the standard for comfort and an adjustable real-road feel.

Visit Gym Source today to experience these and more premium indoor cycles for your ultimate summer fitness success.

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