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How to buy treadmills

Buying a treadmill requires much more consideration and personalization than you may think. It is not a one size fits all solution. The best treadmill for your home, and your goals, must match your specific needs.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a home treadmill and Gym Source equipment experts can help. It’s important that you remember not all treadmills are the same. At first glance, many treadmills resemble one another, but when you get into the details they are very different. 

The Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Treadmill
Gym Source equipment expert walks you through what you should consider when finding the right treadmill for you below.

(1) Who will be using the treadmill?

Will it just be you? You and one other person? You and several other people? If you are shopping for a treadmill that will be used by multiple users, it is important you take into consideration everyone’s unique goals, preferences, and physical limitations.

This will allow you to fine-tune the selection of treadmills you are considering. You cannot find the right home treadmill for your fitness space without considering everyone who will be working out on it. 

Important details to consider when purchasing a treadmill include, everyone’s ages, builds, body weights, physical conditioning, or any physical limitations (such as, orthopedic issues or previous injuries) that will be using the machine.

For example, you want to factor in the height of the tallest person using your treadmill because you don’t want the tall user to feel constrained by the machine itself. If someone very tall is going to be using the equipment, you want to be sure to consider the treadmill’s belt length in your purchase consideration. 

Belt lengths can be designed on the smaller sides, such as a 54” version designed to intentionally allow for treadmills to fit in compact spaces. However, a smaller treadmill might not provide a comfortable or natural feeling workout for taller individuals using it. Instead, you might want to explore a model with a 57” long in terms of belt space, or if you wanted to get a health club feel you would consider a model with a 60” long belt. 

Next, it’s important to consider the physical build of everyone using the treadmill. Factors such as shoulder width, hip width, and weight will determine how wide the belt needs to be to provide a comfortable workout experience the user. Specifically, if you are new to working out, or having issues with a lopsided gate or orthopedic concerns, this could mean the belt width is a higher priority for you when selecting the right home treadmill. 

Why is it important to take into consideration the body weight of everyone using the treadmill? Because you need to have a machine that is built to withstand not just the static weight of everyone, but the weight bodies in motion. When you factor in acceleration, the landing force on the treadmill is much greater than the static weight of the users. So, it’s important to purchase a treadmill constructed with parts built to the right specifications of your needs.

Ultimately, when you are shopping for a home treadmill, you should select a treadmill based on the more “substantial” scenarios. For example, you should consider who the biggest, tallest, or heaviest user is and choose your treadmill around that user. This will ensure that everyone else with less specifications in certain areas will be accommodated.

(2) What is your available gym space?

What space do you have available to fit the treadmill? The size of the treadmill is an important consideration because you want to choose a machine that still allows you to workout how you want – but that best fits in your available space. 

If you only have a small space available there are still lots of options for more compact treadmills (but that still provide an effective workout). 

Additionally, when you are selecting a treadmill for your home gym it is important to consider where media may be positioned in the home. For example, will you have visibility or access to wall-based media? If so, you could consider shopping treadmills that don’t come equipped with that feature. If you are working out in a space that does not currently have any media, then you can explore treadmills that come equipped with those features. 

(3) Do you need shock absorption?

The key question to ask yourself is, “Is there anything that ails you?”

Do you have any issues with knees, ankles, back, hips, or anything else that you consider weak? If so, shock absorption plays an important role in providing a comfortable workout. Quality shock absorption will help to mitigate the aches and pains that come from the vibration experienced when working out on a treadmill. 

Newer treadmill models are designed to to be more comfortable. If you are considering a treadmill to help build your endurance, or run longer distances, considering models with exceptional shock absorption means you can do a marathoner’s type of training in the comfort and convenience of your home. 

For example, TRUE treadmills have a proprietary Soft System® that controls the impact you experience on the treadmill. They designed the treadmills with shock absorption at the front of the treadmill, so when your heel strikes the deck it has cushioning at the moment of impact, and continues to soften the impact as the belt transports the user. (Learn more below about TRUE Treadmills)

To discover the right level of shock absorption for you, it is imperative you try different treadmills before committing to the one for your gym space. Each manufacturer designs differently, some with patented features, but some treadmills take it one step further and include an orthopedic belt.

Additionally, some models allow you to dictate how firm or soft the belt is. This could be an important consideration for you if you are training for a long distance race like a marathon. To start preparing, you may start your training with the belt on a softer setting to allow for your body to adapt and get use to the impact it will experience from training. Then, as your training progresses, you can increase the firmness to help your body transition to running on a stiffer type of surface (like pavement).

(4) How are you planning to use your treadmill?

Treadmill motor sizes are an important consideration when it comes to the type of workout you want to do. The application of your treadmill will determine the level of horsepower you need. 

Models designed with a smaller horsepower can easily accommodate moderate or brisk walking. Whereas if you are planning to use the treadmill for more rigorous or lengthy workouts you should consider models designed with a higher horsepower. 

(5) Will you need to incorporate speed and incline into your workouts? 

The ability to incorporate various speeds and inclines into your workout is an excellent way to ensure you get effective, versatile workouts – and stay engaged. Additionally, some clients who experience physical limitations can workout at a lower speed, while incorporating increased  incline, to get an effective cardio workout. Also, it is important factor to consider if you are shopping for a treadmill for workouts more focused on speed and distance, than those favoring elevation.

(6) Have you planned for your future fitness levels and needs?

Even the most advanced treadmills can operate to meet your current needs. As you increase your endurance and fitness levels, you may want additional features that keep you achieving results. Your needs when you first start working out on a treadmill can change as you grow more fit. Meaning, you could crave the more advanced features like pre-programmed workouts or interval training circuits to keep you engaged. 

(7) Have you tested, touched, and tried treadmills?

Have a specific brand in mind? Let’s explore – in store – the best fit for you. 

At Gym Source we are proud to say we curate a lineup of industry leading fitness products to ensure we can match you with the right equipment solutions for your goals, budget, and space. 

For example, you can test a wide variety of TRUE treadmills in your local Gym Source showroom:

Form meets function: TRUE is known for innovation, durability, and attention to detail they put in treadmill, such as:

– TRUE’s proprietary Soft System® is a way to control the impact you experience when working out on the treadmills. Their treadmills are designed to recreate an outdoor workout on an indoor treadmill. Additionally, they have soft select models that have the ability to alter the softness or firmness based on user preferences. 

– Another key characteristic of TRUE treadmills are their user friendly consoles, including interactive displays that entice users to stay engaged during their workouts. 

– Heart Rate Control® (HRC) control programs can be set as a targeted heart rate control. At the start of the program you set parameters you want to work within, and the machine acts a personal trainer by monitoring your heart rate and modifies speed and incline to keep you at your target heart rate. The reverse is true if you overshoot your target heart rate and need to modify your workout to stay within your target heart rate.

– HRC Cruise control – you are working out a desirable level and hit the Cruise Control button to revert out of any program you were in. Provides flexibility to go from pre-programmed workouts to heart rate workouts at the touch of a button.

Most importantly – connect with an equipment expert who can match you with the right fitness equipment for you!

Need more help? Download our fitness equipment buyers guide to determine the right fitness solutions for you.

Gym Source equipment experts can match you with the right equipment solutions for your goals, budget, and space. We carry a wide variety of fitness equipment, and encourage you to ask questions, test products, and find your best fit.

Shop confidently to  make the best fitness equipment purchase for you. Find your local Gym Source fitness showroom here.

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