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The Power Behind LifeSpan’s Commercial Treadmill Motor

At LifeSpan we get excited about our home and commercial Treadmills. They rank among the highest rated treadmills in America. The reliability of LifeSpan’s treadmills will give you the peace of mind that will help you reach all of your fitness goals. Our treadmill motors are a major  factor in giving you the treadmill that will work best for you.

Treadmill motors come as Alternate Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). The DC motor is the most common motor found in treadmills. An AC motor runs more efficiently and cooler as it reduces heat and friction in the motor, perfect for treadmills that get high levels of use. That’s why an AC motor is preferred in commercial applications. Since AC motors are also more efficient, the motor can have less horse power horsepower (HP) compared to a DC motor. For instance, our TR5000i is equipped with a 3 HP AC motor, and our TR4000i uses a 3.25 HP DC motor. LifeSpan selects the best motor based on where the treadmill will be used.

LifeSpan’s commercial Pro Series TR7000i treadmill boasts a 3.5 HP AC motor and is our most powerful and longest lasting treadmill. Whether it is in a commercial or home setting, the AC motor runs cooler than a DC motor, permitting it to run for multiple hours without heating up, which is essential for top performance and longevity. Tying this all together with a 20% energy savings, a maintenance free deck system, iPad integration, Bluetooth, Intelli-Key™, and optional handrails, the TR7000i is the perfect fit for anyone wanting the best in the market. So, when will you be buying yours?

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