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The Past and Future of Gym Equipment

Used to be that there weren’t a whole lot of options when it came to gym equipment. Even the idea of exercising on machines in the home was a new one. In those days, people were just looking for basic machines—standard treadmills that would provide a simple workout and get the job done. (That’s still attractive for many people. The TRUE M30 treadmill fits the bill.)

Over time, people started looking for better machines – ones that were more powerful and had a few more features (such as the midlevel RevMaster Pro bike). Vlad Shindelman, the Director of Service for Gym Source, has observed over his career that people are now looking not just for power and features, but also for superior engineering and technology overall, like what you’ll find on the Matrix A7XE.

That’s where Gym Source’s focus is currently – on providing users with the most innovative technological solutions possible for their workout routines. For example, new Octane Q-Series elliptical trainers leverage SmartLink technology to let your table to be the console itself; treadmill desks from Lifespan Fitness let you work while working out.

Vlad guarantees customers that “the level of our service should grow with this technology, and we do this.” Hear more from Vlad here: Vlad and the Future of Fitness.

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