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The Octane Q37 Elliptical: Approved by Oprah

In Oprah Winfrey’s annual list of Oprah’s Favorite Things which this year features the Octane Q37 elliptical trainer—Ms. Winfrey asks: “Why not give the gift of good health?”

Why not, indeed? The Q37 is ramped up and ready to take your workout to the next level. Finally, get the results you’ve been trying to find for years…in less time, with greater comfort.

Says Bob Greene, Ms. Winfrey’s longtime personal trainer and founder of The Best Life: “The moment I got on an Octane elliptical, I knew I had to get one of my own. It delivers the smoothest, most challenging workouts – the best of low-impact plus vigorous intensity.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And this season, it’s easy to enjoy what they both like best about the Q37—the innovative CROSS CiRCUIT+™ programming, the integration of on-machine cardio with off-machine strength training, and signature workout boosters that offer customized resistance levels.

Simply get to a Gym Source showroom near you to experience this top-rated elliptical for yourself, and see why the Octane Q37 elliptical will become one of your favorite things, too.

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