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The New and Improved Zero Runner ZR8: The Running Innovation You’ve Been Waiting For

In the words of Octane, “The era of smarter training has arrived.”

For street runners, no machine can match the feeling of running in the great outdoors. Treadmills and ellipticals are comparable, but not quite the same motion. Training on equipment for a distance run can often throw you off because the movement is just the slightest bit different. But, with winter quickly approaching, you need an indoor alternative.

Enter the Zero Runner ZR8, the next generation Zero Runner – a Fit Prof 2017 winner for best crosstrainer – for the 2nd year in a row!

Zero Runner ZR8

Designed with your Stride in Mind

Runners, this machine is like nothing you’ve ever stepped foot on before.

The Zero Runner ZR8 boasts absolutely ZERO impact. It traces your natural gait to ensure you’re moving in a way that works for your body; you’re not changing your stride to fit a machine. Its natural, smooth feel and range of motion is the closest you’ll get to running on the street, in your own home.

The ZR8 was built for speed. Its aircraft-grade aluminum legs and lightweight pedals move at the speed you need. The legs are half the weight of its predecessor, the ZR7. It’s great for sprints, as well as distance training. Its independent pedals allow for a freer motion and better flexibility than traditional cardio machines.

Come into a Gym Source store near you and try the enhanced Zero Runner Z8. It’s a completely unique addition to your home fitness space that gets you as close as possible to running outside, even in the coldest depths of winter.

Zero Runner ZR8 Product Overview

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