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The New 525AT Arc Trainer—A Masterpiece of Mobile Fitness

(By Norm Morrison)

Nowadays, top fitness manufacturers are working harder than ever to keep pace with our mobile-savvy lifestyle. The new Cybex 525 Cardio Series does just that.  In fact, with the new Cybex 525AT Arc Trainer, Cybex introduces a new intuitive console that incorporates QR (Quick Response) codes that let users integrate their smartphone or tablet for a customized workout experience. It’s a great innovation that makes the 525 perfect for residential buildings, hotels and other places where the likelihood of unsupervised usage is high.

What’s more, 525AT users still get the full-body workout expected from a Cybex Arc Trainer—which offers a range of incline and resistance options, providing three challenging workouts in one machine. Users can “glide” like they’re on cross-country skis, “stride” as with an elliptical or “climb” like a stepper/climber. Just how effective is this 3-in-1 workout? Research shows that the Cybex 525AT burns more calories than any other cross-trainer or elliptical tested.

Other features of the 525AT from Cybex include:

  • iPod/iPhone integration for maximum user access and entertainment
  • Contact grips for wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Over 70 workout routines for weight loss, cardio and power goals
  • Same Side Forward (SSF) handles for proper posture and form
  • Optional high-definition E3 View monitor for optimal user enjoyment.

The new Cybex 525AT Arc Trainer offers a simple-to-use interface that facilitates the results-driven workout we’ve all come to expect from an Arc Trainer—and the reliability we’d expect from Cybex. It’s a worthy addition to the company’s already robust lineup.

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