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The Medical Roots of Today’s Fitness Technology

 For years, gimmicks and hype have dominated fitness innovation.  While others have been chasing fads, Cybex has remained the industry’s most research-driven manufacturer. Dedicated to the data behind exercise science, Cybex and the Cybex Institute continue to set the gold standard in today’s fitness market. While their reputation may speak for itself, the details of some of their best innovations still remain an undiscovered gem.

From professional athletes to first time fitness enthusiast’s there is an immense advantage to working out on equipment that was founded on detailed analyses of force, torque, and muscle strategy. Given the country’s aging population—and the trend toward more sport-specific or high intensity training—never has scientifically driven innovation been more critical.

So the question is: Why is Cybex’s strength technology superior? Cybex research and patented Cybex technology, including:

1. Medically sound research. Look at the science behind the entire Eagle line, which is engineered from research conducted by the Cybex Institute. They specifically studied the force of extension and flexion through isokinetic resistance. Based on that research, the resistance profile of each Eagle piece—meaning how the cam providing resistance moves within the machine—exactly matches the shape and resistance profile uncovered in the study. For individuals seeking pain relief, greater mobility or increased strength, these research results net down to a strength solution offering a precise range of motion and ergonomic path of resistance perfectly conformed to their bodies’ own needs. For effective results and technology tailor-made to meet everyone’s unique requirements, we recommend the Cybex Eagle NX selectorized strength-training equipment, which encompasses 15 varied movements in one.

2. Patented Cybex RLD (range limiting device) technology.  Range limiting device (RLD) technology, enables the cam and input arm to move simultaneously, thus perfectly matching the cam (and the resistance it provides) to the user’s body position. In so doing, the RLD allows each user to set and match their preferred starting position and resistance profile. Following knee surgery, for example, the RLD enables the user to position the Leg Curl cam so that resistance is lighter at the start of the exercise from however far back or forward they sit, with the machine providing just-right assistance throughout completion of the movement.

3.Comfort and ease-of-use. Designed through scientific research, every Eagle NX machine is engineered to promote proper and controlled movement into extension. All machines feature virtually effortless positioning, with durable pads that provide all users maximum comfort and stability.

For strength training Cybex is clearly on the forefront of the technological frontier encompassing the scientifically sound medical research necessary to bid optimum results for individuals of all strength needs.  To learn more about Cybex’s strength equipment, contact your Gym Source sales representative today.

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