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The LeMond g-force RT Road Bike

The intelligent design of the LeMond g-force RT recumbent indoor bike makes it more comfortable—and more innovative—than any other recumbent indoor bike on the market.

The g-force RT’s revolutionary seat design gives you a form-fitting mesh back, along with an adjustable seat angle that provides limitless adjustments for comfort. Simply select the riding position that’s best for you by moving the seat forward and back, and by utilizing the 5 different incline positions to vary your workout. What’s more, you can adjust the angle while pedaling—avoiding leg fatigue and allowing you to push your limits in a recumbent position.

Love a smooth, quiet ride? The g-force RT has it. It features a unique pedal-to-seat ratio design that provides a better hip-to-knee-to-pedal connection—a design that engages more muscles and provides a smoother, more effective workout.

The g-force RT also boasts:

  • A stronger frame for strength and stability (no rocking motion or unstable seat)
  • A  cordless design and smaller footprint
  • 20 levels of workout intensity
  • Data storage and fast startup for up to 3 users
  • An angled cup holder and towel holder for convenience and enjoyment

And like its upright counterpart, the LeMond g-force RT also comes standard with the impressive WKO Lite™ Personal Training CD, complete with three custom fitness programs and the ability to download workout results from your g-force bike directly to your PC or mobile device. The programs are all vetted by Greg LeMond himself, and include Fat Burner, Hill, or Heart Rate Training—plus 5 exclusive training sessions designed by Greg like ‘Bust Your Gut’ and ‘Race,’ where you compete against the man himself!

Get to Gym Source today and see the groundbreaking g-force RT recumbent bike for yourself.

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