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The Jones Option—Worth the Investment?

It’s easy to keep up with the Jones’s, especially with the Bodycraft Jones JB7AB. With everything you need to build muscle and strength with maximum comfort and flexibility, you’ve never seen a home gym quite like this.

Unlike a traditional Smith Machine—which only allows for vertically weight movement—the Jones option from Bodycraft boasts a Platinum-Patented 3-D barbell mechanism that enables natural, unlimited, user-defined  movement, including the horizontal plane, as well. Considered a “next generation” machine to the Smith, the Jones Machine may be locked, using spring pins, to form three separate positions (front, middle and back) to give it the same functionality as a traditional self-spotting Smith Machine.

What also elevates the Jones to new heights is its crossover cable and hi/low pulley option, and the special attachment that creates a dual pulley system, adding a low-row station. A cable crossover, functional trainer attachment is also available, giving access to two 200-lb. weight stacks for effective free weight exercise.

So is the Jones option worth the investment? With an MSRP of just under $4,000, it’s in line with other leading Smith machines—and priced even less (up to half, in some cases) of some Smith dual-action machines. The latter simulate both horizontal and vertical bar movement (which is great for weightlifting exercises) but lacks the range of motion provided by the Bodycraft Jones JB7AB machine, which lets you to do everything from chest flies, hip extensions and bicep curls, to seated rows. Versatile, safe, and fun to use, the Bodycraft Jones gets you fit using a range of different activities.

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