Posted Mar 24, 2014 by Gym Source in Elliptical Trainers and tagged fitness innovation, fitness machines, Gym Source, Service.

The Importance of Serviceability

When people go shopping for gym equipment, they often have a checklist of key features in mind. Does it have an iPod dock? Does it have robust preset workouts (like the Tour de France Centennial Bike)? Will it take my heart rate (like the TRUE PS800)? Can it fit in a small space? But many neglect to consider the serviceability of a product, or how easy it is to repair or replace components should something happen.

Of course, Gym Source hopes that its products never break down, but the more machines are used and loved, the more they may need some TLC over time.

Many Gym Source customers like to fit their equipment into compact areas in the home, so service directors like Vlad make sure that his technicians will be able to access the machine and easily adjust components if necessary. He also considers how much manpower a repair will take. “We don’t want to make a mess of a customer’s home,” says Vlad, “we usually just send one tech…we want to do a nice, clean job trying to fix it the first time out.”

When assessing the value of machines, Vlad and his team consider how the components of the machine are situated, what it takes to access them, and how easy it is to correct potential issues. Listen to more about Gym Source’s commitment to serviceability here: Vlad and Serviceability. Then, take a closer look at the machine sitting behind Vlad during this video—one of Octane’s newly updated Q-Series elliptical trainers—to see that commitment in action.

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