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The Facility for Personal Training

The Facility for Personal Training, located in Boca Raton, FL, is a fitness environment like no other. Founder and owner Fred Steinberg has created an exclusive, state-of-the-art gym focused solely on the needs of personal trainers and their clients—a successful business model driving the club’s incredible success since opening in 2011.

That’s why at Gym Source, we’re thrilled to receive such heartfelt praise from Fred and his team. Keeping our clients totally satisfied—from planning their fitness goals, to making them reality, to providing superior service long past equipment installation—is simply what we do. We’re proud to support The Facility’s success, and we look forward to doing so for years to come.

“Hello Bill. As a CEO of a few national companies (40 years in business!), and now the Facility owner, I have never written a letter to a company, either as a complaint or as a testimonial. I guess I was never compelled either way to actually sit down and write one. This is the first one.

I will try to be brief. Bob’s name came up before I had even begun to move forward on this project from at least three people in the Industry as the “go-to” guy for gym equipment and information. My partner and I are novices in the business, so Bob took us to see various venues and literally teach us what we needed in equipment, and laid out the entire floor plan. Needless to say, that resulted in a near perfect layout that we have never had to change. The equipment came on time, he was here the whole day installing, and to this day almost three years down the road he answers my e-mails within an hour or calls back within an hour. Every repair, service or question is handled immediately, efficiently, and without stress. Renee becomes an excellent back-up and wing man to a great salesperson, as she gets right on it and sees everything to the end…with constant communication! This is one of the best examples of the “no-sale” sale I have ever experienced. ( I was a national speaker to small businesses regarding sales and marketing).

This is the way it was once upon a time in America. No longer. It’s more than refreshing. To have something wrong with a piece of equipment that seriously effects a smaller gym is stressful and can even impact revenue. My trainers and wealthy clients are demanding. I pick up the phone, call Bob, and I know for a fact it will get done and I don’t even have to think about it again! Five minutes later, Renee chimes in with an e-mail… and the stress is gone.

You deserve congratulations as well. Apparently your management style works!

Thank you for everything.”

Thank you,


The Health and Fitness Institute, LLC.

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