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Posted Dec 28, 2012 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged Evo cx, fitness innovation, fitness machines, stationary bike.

The Evo CX – Combined Technology for a NEW Cycling Experience

The Evo CX offers an innovative and realistic riding experience like no other indoor cycle. The Evo CX’s RAMP™ frame actually sways with a cyclists’ body movement and engages core muscles for an optimized cardio workout, while the Orb™ Planetary Gear Drive System mimics the feel of the open road.

SMART — The Evo CX also introduces the new Evo Advanced Computer, a sophisticated processor that allows riders to track their progress with revolutions per minute, time, distance, calorie and heart rate readouts. This computer allows cyclists to maximize fitness results with sophisticated workout data collection and is standard to each Evo CX bike.

FLEXIBLE — The Evo CX’s RAMP™ frame maximizes training versatility.  It offers a pivot-locking feature, allowing users to go from a traditional fixed frame to a sway frame with the simple flick of a switch. This new component facilitates a wide range of workouts for both frame styles. The sway frame style allows users to engage their core muscles (abdominal, hip and lower back) during the workout.  Core strengthening provides the foundation for increased power, balance and flexibility.  With the Evo CX, users can maximize cardio training while strengthening their core simultaneously.

COMFORTABLE — The Evo CX offers ultimate comfort with a racing-style seat with vertical and fore/aft adjustability.  Cyclists can make minute adjustments to the seat position, maximizing comfort and performance.  Also, the Evo CX features the specially designed InfiniteFit™ Handlebars that allow for the four most commonly used hand positions, holders for two large water bottles and a center platform for smart phones.

DEPENDABLE— Owners enjoy peace of mind with the Orb™ internal flywheel and brake mechanism.  This gear drive system utilizes no belts or chains and creates a true-to-life biking experience with less external moving parts, and is virtually maintenance-free.

The Evo CX gives you maximum results in the shortest time possible.  But you’ve got to see it to believe it.  See the Evo CX’s RAMP™ frame movement here.  Or better yet, check out the new Evo CX at a Gym Source showroom near you.

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