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The Cybex Arc Trainer, Favorite of Fitness Professionals

Cybex Arc Trainer Gym SourceThe Cybex Arc Trainer is like no other cardio machine on the market. It’s a favorite among users, trainers, and industry specialists. You can burn more calories in less time, safely and comfortably. Plus it actually helps you build strength. It’s an all-in-one “calorie torcher” and here’s why we love it:

Get a Better Workout

The Arc Trainer is a Total Body Cross-Trainer Machine. It looks like an elliptical and works similarly, but you get so much more than what a traditional elliptical can offer. Ellipticals are great for cardio and burning calories, but an Arc Trainer is an all in one cardio and strength training machine.

Because you have the added benefits of greater muscle activation, the Arc Trainer can actually build muscle and improve performance, while getting in your cardio. In a 60-minute workout, you can burn up to 16% more calories on an Arc Trainer than on a traditional elliptical.

Also, when you use the Arc Trainer, your front leg is not the plant leg, meaning that you can’t rely on your bodyweight to do the work like you can on other machines. Each leg must move independently to make the machine move, giving you a more even workout.


Built for Your Body

The Arc Trainer was designed with YOU in mind. It looks different than a traditional elliptical because it’s built to make you move in a biomechanically correct way to lower the impact on your body and keep you injury-free while giving you a full body workout.

The Arc Trainer is a great cross-training activity for runners. Many avid runners feel the symptoms of plantar fasciitis due to the constant ankle flexion of running, but the Arc Trainer actively works to reduce stress on the plantar because your feet never go behind your hips. Also, your knees never go beyond your toes, leading to 84% less knee stress than ellipticals and MUCH less than running.

Usually on an elliptical or similar machine, your arms move opposite of your legs. So as your right foot strides forward, your left arm goes forward. With the Arc Trainer, your arms and legs move together. This helps to avoid spinal torqueing you may experience on other machines.

Customize Your Workout

The Arc Trainer is infinitely adjustable and customizable so you never get bored of your workout. You can adjust the length and the height of your stride to work different muscle groups and get a different workout every time you get on the machine.

There are 21 different incline levels on the Arc Trainer. At the lower incline levels, the motion is a “glide”, like a cross-country skier. In the mid-range levels, the motion is a “stride”, like an elliptical. At the high levels, it’s the “climb” of a stepper or climber.

Usually when you plug your body weight into a cardio machine, it adjusts the calorie counter to give you a more accurate reading. But when you enter your weight on the Arc Trainer it scales its resistance according to your weight, making sure you get the best possible training.

The Arc Trainer is the perfect addition to any home gym. It saves you time, space, and gives you an unrivaled full-body workout from one single machine. If you haven’t tried the Arc Trainer yet, come into your nearest Gym Source location and meet with one of our equipment experts. They’ll show you all of the outstanding features of the Arc Trainer and set you up to give it a try!

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