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The Bodyguard T460XC Treadmill


You may already know (and love) the Bodyguard T460XC treadmill for its unique ability to transform your iPad into the treadmill console itself. But what you may not know—if you haven’t yet experienced a Bodyguard yourself—is that it provides one of the most realistic outdoor running environments available on an indoor trainer.

For starters, the Bodyguard T460XC features a 3.4 HP DC motor that enables a variable speed from 0.5 to 12 mph, plus an incline that can be set anywhere from -3% to 15%.

But the real genius of the Bodyguard is its Bodyguard Dissipation System (BDS+)—a shock absorption system designed to minimize impact without sacrificing foot stability. It’s a system integrated into all aspects of every Bodyguard machine—the frame, shock absorbers, decks and belts—all of which are fully customizable.

The engineers who designed BDS+ had three primary goals: (a) maximize foot stability (b) minimize impact energy on the machine itself (c) simulate the feel of an athletic track as realistically as possible. One important result of their research is the unique cushioning material used on Bodyguard treadmill decks, made from a long-lasting visco-elastic polymer considerably more efficient than conventional rubber deck materials. Another key feature of BDS+ is adjustable pivoting feet, invaluable for leveling on uneven floors to maximize stability—especially when running on an incline.

And because BDS+ technology is engineered to reduce impact on the deck or frame flex, the T460XC—with an extraordinary weight capacity of 400 pound—is pound-for-pound the strongest and most stable treadmill frame on the market.

Learn more about the Bodyguard T460XC anytime, or stop into Gym Source for a test drive.

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