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The BILT Change of Direction Machine


Congratulations to the BILT Change of Direction (C.O.D.) machine, winner of the 2013 FIBO Innovation Award. Presented annually at the FIBO expo in Cologne, Germany, the FIBO Innovation Award signals one of the fitness industry’s highest honors for technical innovation. The machine, a unique lateral-motion weight training device created by tennis champion Andre Agassi and his long-time trainer Gil Reyes, won the award during the recent European launch of the BILT C.O.D machine.

Designed and built by BILT for athletes seeking sport-specific functional training, the C.O.D. enables users to exercise the lower body dynamically and safely. It offers a unique combination of movement and carefully balanced weight resistance, so that one can do squatting and knee-bend movements—together with lateral movements—while simultaneously increasing the weight load. A spring-activated weight-stack provides variable resistance based on the “tensorflex principle” that reduces neck and back strain while allowing for natural, fluid movement.

That technical innovation is what impressed FIBO jury member Dr. Jörg Schlösser, Managing Director of the TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, the most. In particular, he praised the C.O.D.’s dynamic mobility and ergonomic freedom, enabling movement that closely replicates those required for peek athletic performance.

The design of the BILT C.O.D. is based on a prototype that Reyes welded together for Agassi more than 15 years ago. Its brilliance lies in the design element that enables users to move in any direction in a totally natural way. While it was originally built for Agassi, largely for strengthening the muscles he needed to side-step and shuffle across the tennis court, and hit the ball with controlled power, the C.O.D. accommodates the movements used in all sports, and therefore holds appeal to athletes across a wide variety of sports.

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