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The Bike Is Stationary, But You Better Not Be

Please note, workouts suggested on this website are not to be interpreted as treatment plans or substitutes for medical consultation. Before undertaking any exercise program, please consult a physician or healthcare provider for appropriate safety precautions. If at any point during a workout you start to feel dizzy, faint, short of breath, or experience physical discomfort, discontinue your exercise immediately and consult a physician.

Hardcore cyclists believe the only way to get a real workout using a bike is outside. Jumping out of your 10-speed’s saddle to climb a hill; doing a bunny hop over a pothole; and turning on a chicane all engage more muscles than a stationary bike. However, just because you aren’t riding outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t burn a ton of calories and strengthen more than your lower body on a stationary bike.

To achieve a similar workout, think about the challenges you encounter on a road workout and apply similar position changes to your stationary bike workout. You can do this by throwing in speed intervals or by increasing/decreasing resistance. To work the different muscles in your legs (and the rest of your body), you can change positions on the bike by grabbing the handlebar high or in the drops, sit straight up, and even lean over.

A stationary bike provides you with a safer workout. By staying in one spot, you don’t have to deal with crowded sidewalks, dogs wandering into your path, or crazy drivers. You can avoid heat exhaustion from the sun by pedaling in your cool air-conditioned home, and you avoid major injuries from falling off a bike outside onto the hard pavement. There are no more excuses for not exercising because of the weather! In rain, heat, snow, or shine, your stationary bike is protected safely in your home so you can get a workout no matter the weather conditions.

To get the outdoor workout indoors, change the intensity notch to recreate the feeling of a huge hill. To mimic short sprint hills, crank up the intensity for a short time, up to 30 seconds, and get up out of the saddle. Then drop resistance and do an easy spin down the hill. Continue this for as many “hills” you want to conquer. For larger hills, pedal through the intensity longer.

Some of our best selling stationary bikes include the Schwinn Carbon Blue, the BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle, and the LeMond Revmaster Sport Cycling Bike. Any of them will help you feel the burn of an outdoor ride in the safety and comfort of your home. Even though the bike hasn’t moved, you’ll feel like you’ve been flying for hours!

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