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The ARC Drives Desire For High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a mainstay workout for many treadmill enthusiasts. Now, however, more athletes are discovering even better performance results when doing their HIIT workouts on a Cybex Arc Trainer.

Most notably, hard core athletes like professional beach volleyball player Christal Engle are finding that nothing beats the Arc for increasing vertical leap using HIIT. Not only is game performance improved, but joints are protected, as well.

Her words speak for themselves in this article published recently in Volleyball Magazine: “[The Arc has] increased my vertical jump,” she says. “And it’s allowed me to do more [strength and conditioning] in a short amount of time.”

The four-time All-American from the University of Washington also says: “I’ve had four surgeries on my right knee, and since I’ve started doing conditioning work on the Arc, I’ve been gaining muscle with little stress on my joints. The Arc takes all the pressure off my knees.”

What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

HIIT has been shown to be more effective and efficient than low-intensity, long-duration workouts. With a pre-determined number of exercises and intervals, HIIT is performed by completing one exercise after another with no rest in between. The number of exercises and intervals vary by experience, athleticism and medical condition—but a typical routine may run between 4 to 9 exercises with 1 to 3 intervals. Typically, 90 to 120 seconds of rest is allotted once the entire workout regimen is complete.

The Arc Trainer and HIIT

Designed for totally correct biomechanics and complete ease-of-use, the Cybex 525 Arc Trainer is a low-impact machine that supports your every strength, muscle and weight loss goal. Relative to HIIT, the Arc allows for complete activation of multiple muscle groups—more muscle groups, in fact, than a treadmill or traditional elliptical can. With a more robust range of muscle group activation, the Arc places an emphasis on muscle fibers needed to perform basic mobility as well as sports movements—such as the jumping movement so in-demand by athletes like Engle.

The benefits of HIIT are easy to achieve on an Arc Trainer. Using an iPad, users connect directly to the machine and access the latest HIIT training workouts—all while enjoying the entertainment and communication benefits a mobile device offers. Then, when your workout is complete, your metrics are stored right on your device—ready for tracking, sharing, or integrating with your wearable fitness device.

Do you have any sport-specific goals to achieve using HIIT? Get to Gym Source to experience the benefits of HIIT training on the Cybex Arc Trainer for yourself.

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