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The 3 Top Treadmills for Heart Rate Control Training

Treadmill manufacturers have developed sophisticated systems to monitor and control heart rate during training. These features allow users to create a unique preset heart rate profile—and then control the speed and/or the gradient of the treadmill based on those needs and goals. But heart rate control features differ among treadmills, and some are systems have more robust capabilities than others (particularly for serious athletic training).

Three of our most popular treadmill brands for customizable heart rate control training include Bodyguard, TRUE and Cybex. Here’s why:

Bodyguard Treadmills offer CHR Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensors and fully customizable Heart Rate Programs, including Target Heart Rate workouts, and Heart Rate Interval Training—allowing you to customize your workout intensity exclusively based on your target heart rate goals. Plus, target heart rate adjustment can be programmed based on three modes: speed, incline, or a combination of the two.

TRUE Treadmills offer innovative digital heart rate control in the form of a monitoring system and wireless telemetry that together help users maintain an optimum heart rate. Plus, TRUE’s Heart Rate Control Cruise Control lets users lock in a specific target heart rate and once set, TRUE HRC Cruise Control adjusts speed and incline automatically throughout your workout to ensure consistent heart rate training performance.

Cybex Treadmills include contact grips and wireless heart rate monitoring; plus, users can see their target heart rate zones at a glance on an easy-to-read multi-colored LED. What’s more, all Cybex cardio machines (treadmills included) make innovative use of QR codes to access workout and equipment information via a mobile device. The premium Cybex Treadmill (770T) features a new CardioTouch display with a single command center for all exercise programs and entertainment control.

For even more information about the best treadmills for heart rate control training, stop by Gym Source anytime.

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