Posted Nov 28, 2012 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged Gym Source, Scosche.

Taking Fitness to Heart

If you monitor heart rate to measure your fitness, more options are available than ever before. One of the best we’ve seen is the Scosche RHYTHM Armband Pulse Monitor. First, the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor provides a very accurate heart rate reading—without the bulky chest straps found on conventional monitors. What’s more, the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor can wirelessly integrate with your smartphone or tablet, meaning not only can you wirelessly access your favorite music during your workout, but you can also track your pulse, calories burned, distance, speed and pace for the duration of your workout across multiple devices—and store the data wirelessly right to your mobile device.

All you need is the downloadable Scosche RHYTHM app from iTunes or Google Play, which also enables the Pulse Monitor to show you:

  • A detailed workout summary of your average pulse, calories burned, distance run, speed and pace.
  • A workout calendar that tracks your previous workout stats.
  • A route map that allows you to see your distance and route as an actual map.
  • A customized online dashboard that enables you to review individual workouts and monitor your progress.

Want to learn more? Visit a Gym Source showroom, or visit Scosche.

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