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Suspension Training and TRX

There’s no denying the growing demand for suspension training systems, which leverage gravity and user body weight for virtually limitless exercise options. And there’s no denying the benefit of offering suspension training at your fitness facility—given that suspension training exercises require little space and accessories are easy-to-store.

Thinking of offering suspension training to your clients? We like TRX.  Created by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, who developed it as a means to stay fit in a variety of (not always convenient) locations, TRX accessories are gaining even greater popularity as an effective means to train using body-weight resistance.

What makes TRX suspension training so effective is that it can be modified to include changes in resistance, stability, or both. The accessories and exercises themselves focus heavily on core stability and are designed to boost strength, balance and flexibility simultaneously. For frail or injured client populations, TRX suspension training is widely used to ensure injury prevention and to aid rehabilitation.

Plus, personal trainers like suspension training systems for the benefits they provide to clients of all experience levels—from novice to trained athlete. And because of the depth and breadth of training methods available, suspension training programs can be simple or complex—making it easy to adjust workout intensity for different people. What’s more, trainers can utilize suspension training systems like TRX to create a program that helps achieve the goals of individual clients or small group fitness classes alike.

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