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Staff Pick: Assault Air Bike from LifeCore Fitness

If you’re looking for an affordable cardio machine that works your upper and lower body simultaneously, consider the Assault Air Bike Trainer from LifeCore Fitness. As this week’s Gym Source Staff Pick—not to mention being a favorite of Crossfit fans and a standout piece in the Crossfit Games—this air bike delivers an impressive whole-body workout by featuring a smart computer console that tracks time, distance, calories, RPMs, and more—with motivating programs that will improve your aerobic abilities.

What people like best about this bike, though, is its ability to encourage your best performance. Unique engineering provides unlimited resistance, since you’re limited only by the air itself—and how fast you can pedal. The faster you move, the greater the resistance, thus the harder it becomes to maintain your speed. That’s where the bike’s technology kicks in, tracking your wattage output to remind you to continue powering through the pain. Maximize your “output per unit of time” with each workout to ensure that you constantly improve.

Although you’ll be getting a machine at the forefront of modern technology, this bike won’t break the bank. A relatively inexpensive machine as far as resistance bikes go, the Assault Trainer also features a fun retro aesthetic. The 25-inch diameter steel fan, strengthened pivot points, and upgraded sealed ball bearings provide a smooth ride and can take a serious beating, making the bike a long-lasting value.

Users of all levels—whether engaged with Crossfit training or not—consistently give this bike rave reviews, calling it “amazing,” “the best cardio machine I have ever used,” and “the real thing.” Learn more about the LifeCore Assault at Gym Source.

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