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Spotlight Install: DSN Community Center | Oakhurst, NJ

When leaders of the DSN Community Center in Oakhurst, NJ, decided to initiate the design and installation of a new 4,400 square-foot fitness center, they weren’t sure where to turn. Then, when a friend recommended Gym Source, a perfect collaboration was born.

“I worked closely with the clients regarding equipment choices and the layout of the fitness room floor,” explains Marty Weinbaum, commercial sales representative for Gym Source. “I asked them important questions related to the demographic they’ll be serving and what type of activities they’ll want to provide.”

Using insights provided by Mary Lyons and Sharon Carlstrom, who spearheaded the project for DSN, Marty and his team created a state-of-the-art fitness center featuring the latest cardio training solutions from TRUE Fitness, including CS650 treadmills, CS900 ellipticals, CS900 upright bikes and CS900 recumbent bikes.

Plus, given the center’s mission to provide a variety of options for members of all fitness levels, Gym Source also installed Octane touchscreen ellipticals, Cybex Arc Trainers, and a suite of strength training solutions from Paramount and Hoist. Finally—expressly for the center’s new dedicated indoor cycling studio—Gym Source installed 22 Schwinn AC Carbon Blue indoor cycles.

The new fitness center perfectly aligns with DSN’s mission to provide a safe, social and happy environment for its community through daily programs and athletic activities—while also promoting important values of community and leadership. “The end result has been very well received by our members and prospective members,” says Sharon Carlstrom. “The strength training circuit is very user-friendly, the Cybex Arc Trainers are member favorites, and our cycle classes are always full.”

Planning a new or expanded fitness facility of your own? Contact Gym Source to see how our skilled professionals can help make your project a success.

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