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Which Elliptical Burns as Many Calories as Treadmills?

Ellipticals That Burn as Many Calories as TreadmillsHome Treadmills have always been the standard for an effective cardio workout in your home gym, while elliptical trainers tend to get overlooked. However, newer home elliptical trainers can provide an equal workout to a treadmill, but act as a low impact workout alternative.

One example of an elliptical that gives treadmills a run for their money is the Octane Zero Runner – which was recently proven to provide the same calorie burn as a treadmill. 

The Octane Zero Runner is designed to replicate a runner’s natural movement – providing the feel of a run, but with suspended pedals. Meaning, you can get the same experience as running but in a low impact workout. Also, instead of a rotating belt typically found on treadmills, the suspended pedals allow you to have more flexibility and move more naturally, and zero impact reduces the pressure on your knees and joints.

Additionally, personal trainers and marathon runners love the Zero Runner and consider it an excellent training tool for any home gym. See Rick (a marathon runner and coach for the Boston Marathon) discuss why he feels the Octane Zero Runner is the most innovative piece of fitness equipment and why it is his favorite home gym equipment. 

Learn and Burn Octane Fitness

The SmartLink app allows you to connect your smart device to the fitness equipment and track your progress to reach your goals faster. 

SmartLink app delivers multiple pre-programmed workout programs to keep workouts fresh, effective, and challenging. Work towards your fitness goals faster by connecting your tablet to the app, set up your user profile, select your fitness goal (lose weight, tone up, overall health, or to improve athletic performance) and get going. SmartLink is design to provide the workout programs that can help you reach your goals faster.

The Zero Runner is an excellent fitness equipment solution to give you the feel of running outside without ever having to leave your home. This machine is great for all ages and all fitness levels. The comfortable gliding motion provides a sense of safety and security while working out your muscles. It’s very popular for athletes with knee issues or people with arthritis. It allows you to get back into running more safely. For marathon runners, this is a great machine to supplement your road runs, as it does not put the same pressure on your joints as running long distances outdoors. Learn more about long distance running on the Zero Runner ZR8:

While both treadmills and elliptical trainers provide effective cardio workouts, and both improve aerobic activity in your body, certain home ellipticals can give your body the same workout without the same impact.

Want more? Learn more about the benefits of combining cardio and strength workouts to reach your goals. 

Test drive Gym Source’s large selection of fitness equipment to find the best elliptical or treadmill for your home gym. Visit your local Gym Source and connect with an equipment expert We will match you with the right equipment to support your fitness goals.

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