Posted Oct 4, 2013 by Gym Source in Fitness Industry News and tagged boot camps, personal trainer, Zumba.

Small-Group Personal Training and its Benefits


One of the biggest changes we’ve seen lately in the fitness industry involves the dramatic rise of small-group fitness training. Rather than schedule an individual session with a personal trainer, more and more fitness enthusiasts are choosing instead to participate in small-group training—whether that means gathering 4-5 friends for group sessions with a trainer, or signing up for small group training instruction as part of a fitness class at their gym.

In particular, the popularity of several established types of small-group personal training have skyrocketed recently, including:

  • Boot Camps, which build fitness and strength via intense group sessions
  • Strength Training and Functional Fitness, which focuses on resistance exercises for muscle-building (a popular way to augment physical therapy)
  • Zumba, which fuses fitness with entertainment and dance

The benefits for clients opting for small-group personal training include the enjoyment—and results—of working out with their buddies, plus the benefit of saving money (especially when purchasing from a local provider like Groupon). Plus, small-group personal training offers the irreplaceable camaraderie of working out with other people, who are likely to motivate you toward the results you want.

Small-group training is also beneficial to trainers, because having the opportunity to work out with a number of people at the same time gives them the edge. It also makes their services more attractive, since they can offer better fitness to more clients at a more attractive per-client rate—and build their business in the process.

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