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Shopping Online for Fitness Equipment

Online shopping is a common experience in the modern world. People can add items to their shopping cart in a single click and have everything from clothes to games to musical instruments to groceries delivered to their homes. But Vlad Shindelman, Director of Services for Gym Source, warns that “as much as everybody likes online shopping today, including my family, I think the only industry where you should not be shopping online is the fitness industry.”

But why? After all, Gym Source has a wide range of products available to customers online. Vlad clarifies his stance by explaining that online shopping can be very useful for selecting products and previewing different features. Customers can compare different products side by side and do research about what kinds of features they want for their own machine and what they can afford. For example, you can select multiple home gyms, treadmills, exercise bikes and much more to compare online at the Gym Source web site.

That being said, customers should really get on the unit, get a feel for it, and see how the different features and technological options look and function up close. By visiting a showroom, customers also have the chance to talk to Gym Source experts about the products’ function and maintenance, as well as ask questions.

Vlad sums up his opinion on online shopping by saying, “In this fitness industry, online is more like research, but if you really want to get a great experience, you need to walk in our stores and you’ll see the difference.” Listen to more of Vlad’s wisdom here: Vlad and Shopping Online.

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