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Save Space and Aim High with PowerBlock

Free weights and dumbbells are a central part of any serious resistance-training program. Problem is, all those weights take up a lot of space, especially within smaller home gyms.  That’s why we’ve always liked the idea of an expandable dumbbell set that saves space and money—and that’s why we love PowerBlock.

PowerBlock provides an impressive array of compact, expandable dumbbell sets that increase in weight as your goals get more challenging. In fact:

  • When it comes to space-saving, PowerBlock is second to none. Take the U-70 Stage III set—it replaces 24 pairs of dumbbells equivalent to 1,650 pounds of free weights.
  • With PowerBlock, you can start at any level and expand using your original set. For instance, the U-70 Stage I set has a weight range for 5-40 pounds per hand, but is later expandable to 60 pounds, and then again to 70 pounds.

In addition to being fast and easy in terms of weight selection, PowerBlock sets offer comfortable grips and wrist supports unique to the industry. What’s more, dollar for dollar, they’re simply a better value than any other dumbbell set out there.

If weight training is part of your regimen—or if you’re looking to add it—PowerBlock dumbbell sets are absolutely worth your attention. Learn more about PowerBlock right here: PowerBlock.

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