Posted Mar 4, 2014 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged DISQ.

QUICK FIT: The DISQ and Resistance Training

The Finns know a thing or two about fitness training—speed skating in particular; Finland’s own Stefan Groothuis recently set a new World Record (in addition to bringing home the gold medal) for the 1000-meter speed skate during the Olympics in Sochi. He’s an unabashed fan of the DISQ product developed by his fellow Finnish speed skaters, and he’s proudly upbeat about the results he’s achieved by using it.

After testing it ourselves, we have to agree—the DISQ is an amazing fitness accessory, and we’re thrilled to offer it at Gym Source.

What makes the DISQ so incredible is that it adds resistance to everything you do. Whatever your exercise or activity, the DISQ adds adjustable levels of resistance to it—amping up the fitness benefits and increasing your results. It’s essentially a belt with adjustable resistance discs on each side, which can be connected to your hands or ankles (or both), adding just the right extra bit of resistance to any activity – indoors or outside.

Use the DISQ to practice vertical leaps, participate in group fitness classes, or go for a walk; whatever your exercise routine, the DISQ increases the impact, benefits and results. See the DISQ at Gym Source (and plan to hear about the DISQ from every personal trainer you meet).

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