Posted Mar 4, 2014 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged Modern Movement, Roll Board Extension Trainer.

QUICK FIT: Modern Movement’s Roll Board Extension Trainer

The research is out-and it’s certainly no secret that when it comes to abdominal strength training, planks beat crunches every time. But is there be a better way to achieve a plank-with better fitness results?

The folks at Modern Movement think so, which is why they developed the Roll Board Extension Trainer. This incredible-and simple-device gives you a dozen different ways to perform planks, and makes each exercise much more dynamic and effective, since you’re forced to do so on a moving surface.

Arms, elbows, roll-ups, obliques-this one incredible fitness accessory will revolutionize your workout and give you more variety than almost any other product. Best of all, with a price tag of just $60, it’s one of the best values in fitness. We’re hooked, and we think you and your personal trainer will be, too. Try it out today at Gym Source.

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